How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are

Since my new moon rituals don’t differ that much from month to month, I’ve decided to skip sharing a ritual on the new moons and instead, share something moon-related. This new moon, we’re talking about the moon goddess aesthetic: that quirky, bohemian, slightly elusive style that calls to the Feminine in all of us.

To illustrate, I’m showing you around my sacred space! I’ve shared photos of my altar before but I am constantly adding to it and my bedroom is actually filled with little touches, crystals and more crescent moons than is probably strictly necessary.

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Although we tend to think of the full moon as the most magickal phase, that’s largely due to the fact that it is only full for one to three days a month. The rest of the time, we are seeing the moon in a crescent or gibbous phase. When someone asks you to draw a moon, you generally draw a crescent, not just a circle. The same goes for home decor; if you’re going to decorate with moons, they are probably going to be crescents.

On my altar, I have everything from a silver and white marquee light shaped like a crescent moon to a ceramic crescent moon tray I use to hold burnt matches during rituals. Even some of my candles are moon-themed, like the ones below from HausWitch in Salem! There are moons scattered throughout the rest of the bedroom too, in the art prints on the wall and the paper lantern hanging in the corner.

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

In addition to plenty of crescent and full moons, I’ve used lots of glass, lace and cool colors like purple, blue and grey in the space. Every decor choice is about capturing the essence of moonlight, that softest and most inspiring of glows.

All of my moon-related crystals are always on my altar, like selenite, moonstone, opalite and amethyst. Lace curtains flutter in the window above, softening any sunlight that peeks through the trees outside (let alone the streetlamp). Greenery fills the nooks of the altar and bookshelves. My moon goddess aesthetic is about calm, peace and serenity. Comment below and tell me all about your moon goddess aesthetic!

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Five Quick Tips on Decorating Like a Moon Goddess

  1. DO mix a few large scale moons with smaller items for impact. Too many little things in a space gets cluttered fast while larger, more grounding pieces break up the space.
  2. DON’T buy items that have moons on them but don’t actually speak to you. You’ll end up with a hodgepodge of clutter, full of things you don’t really care about.
  3. DO decorate with color, light and texture, not just trinkets.
  4. DON’T feel like every item in the room has to have a moon on it. It’s more about the overall aesthetic.
  5. DO scour garage sales and thrift stores for forgotten treasures. Anthropologie doesn’t have the market cornered on moon decor just yet, I promise!


4 thoughts on “How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are

  1. DYING over that moon lamp! It’s gorgeous!! My decor options in my current apartment are very limited…. it’s more “trash goddess” than “moon goddess” at the moment. But I’m hoping to have a little more space and freedom in my next place! I’d love to have white walls with a moon tapestry hanging on one of them, lots of white light, and TONS of fairy lights. Basically lots of white with pops of charcoal gray, silver, and black. I’m searching Pinterest like crazy for decor inspiration right now!


    1. Isn’t it great?? Knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it – and it turned out to be the last one in the store! Meant to be. Your vision for your new place sounds amazing! Feeling really into silver and grey right now too – must be in the air.


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