Greet the Day with a Morning Tea Ritual

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge tea drinker. Earl Grey gets me through the work day, while I indulge in spicier and more floral blends when I have a bit more time. Scarlet from Arcane Alchemy is here to share some wonderful tips on how to use a tea ritual with a pagan twist to start your day off right.

Upon rising each morning I pull the curtains back and let the morning light stream into my Chicago apartment.  This time of year the light is fleeting so I try to soak in as much in as possible.  Those that live in colder climates know that winter can feel like a slog to get through sometimes.  To help myself out I like to start my day with a simple morning tea ritual to help set my intentions and bring positivity.

Greet the Day with a Morning Tea Ritual | Guest Post by Arcane Alchemy on Witch of Lupine Hollow

I first learned of tea ritual when I was studying abroad in Japan.  I was lucky enough to attend a tea ritual at a temple and I look upon that memory very fondly.  It was a meditative ritual for both the attendees and the woman that performed it for us.  Each motion of the hand was deliberate; each process carefully thought out.  All details were part of the experience: the sounds of the gentle stream outside, a single flower carefully arranged in a corner, and the beautiful silk kimono patterned with bright cherry blossoms.

This Japanese tea ritual was certainly inspiring and I thought about how I might take this concept and adapt it to my pagan practice.  Magic doesn’t always need tools or elaborate ritual and part of being a modern witch is finding ways to incorporate magic into our daily routine.  For me, I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to do this was to use my morning cup of tea to nourish my spirit and body.

Greet the Day with a Morning Tea Ritual | Guest Post by Arcane Alchemy on Witch of Lupine HollowAll I use for this ritual is tea, water, and honey.

As it’s winter I usually drink cinnamon or ginger teas.  I find these blends help warm and energise my body.  I focus on taking time and care when brewing.  I clear my mind and begin to think about what I would like to accomplish for that day.  When the tea is brewed I slowly add honey to my cup.  As the honey drips I move my hand in an invoking pentagram and state what I would like to bring towards me.

For example, while the honey is dripping in the tea I might say:

“Upon this day I bring light, positivity, health, and joy”

Greet the Day with a Morning Tea Ritual | Guest Post by Arcane Alchemy on Witch of Lupine HollowI drink my tea slowly and try to be present in the moment.  I think about how the herbs taste.  I try and notice the sweetness of the honey. I  focus on the warmth of the water flowing through my body and visualize my intentions becoming reality.

I find that by the time my tea is gone my body feels energized, my mind is calm, and I’m looking forward to what the day will bring.

dividerDo you have a daily morning ritual you perform?  Post it in the comments below.

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