Catching Up on Life

Hello all!

I must apologize for being absent these past few weeks. I had a massive project and event at work in mid-September and have been exploring a very unexpected new relationship.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to miss the new moon, full moon, Mabon and Mercury in Retrograde around here! Sorry about that, my moonglowers. So what was I up to for this very powerful September?

Well, on the new moon, I was on a second date that has since turned into a seventh, eighth, ninth date, with a guy I never expected to enter my life. It’s been a month today since we met and this one’s special. I don’t know exactly where we’re heading but I like it!

On the full moon… I completely dropped the ball, I’ll be honest! But you know, this was kind of a good thing. This was the first full moon I’ve missed doing any kind of a ritual on since May and it was a reminder that this practice is important to me. Sometimes a missed opportunity serves to teach us something about how we feel having missed it.

On Mabon, I was busy with work and life, (which is too bad because it’s one of my favorite Sabbats), but I enjoyed a glass of wine on a patio and lovely dinner out at a local restaurant. It was simple but still filled with gratitude and community.

As for Mercury in Retrograde, I was really concerned at the start! With this big work project looming, I was afraid everything was going to fall apart on me. All through the retrograde, everyone around me in life and online seemed to be suffering massively from the typical communication problems and technology glitches, while I seemed to sail right through. The project went off without a hitch (in fact, it was so flawless, I couldn’t believe it) and I’ve managed to keep lines of communication mostly open in this new relationship, despite retrograde’s influence. I don’t know if I was just hyper-aware of the astrological situation because of everything I had going on, or if retrograde gave me a break, but I’m oh so grateful to have emerged unscathed.

What have you all been up to these past couple of weeks?

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