Early Morning New Moon Ritual

So, morning rituals may not be a new phenomenon for many of you, but they are for me. I have always done my moon rituals, and any other magickal practice, at night. I’m not a morning person, by a long shot, and there’s some mysterious and calming about the night sky (even in my urban setting). Many people try to do their rituals when the moon goes direct, but I just prefer the night. What can I say?

stock 3.jpgHowever, I know I won’t be able to do a complete new moon ritual tomorrow night because I have a date – a date I am very much looking forward to. The last few months have been all about changing habits and manifesting beautiful things: finding harmony between the different avenues of my life, career satisfaction, trauma recovery… and now finally some honest to goddess romance.

My tarot reading at the summer solstice very specifically said I needed to get my act together in other areas of my life to find the romantic partnership I was craving. This is only a second date, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but there’s an instinct about these things…

But for the purposes of the new moon, this date is very much in the way. In order to still do something special, I’ll be doing a little ritual in the morning instead of at night. Although I don’t know if I could deal with a full moon ritual in the morning, it actually feels quite right for the new moon which is all about fresh starts anyway. Without further ado:

Morning New Moon Ritual

Light a single white candle. Before you really get started, brew a cup of tea.

Move through one round of moon salutations.

Write down everything you want to manifest this lunar cycle. It’s not important to be specific or to censor yourself; write down everything that comes to mind.

Sip your cup of tea as you move about the rest of your morning ablutions. Consider the things you want to manifest, this time thinking first about those that are most achievable and working up to the big dreamy notions. Try not to let your mind wander too far as you brush your teeth, do your makeup or eat breakfast. This would be a good time to let your phone or laptop sit quietly out of sight – consider it a meditation!

Blow out the candle and go about your day.

dividerHow will you be spending this September new moon?


2 thoughts on “Early Morning New Moon Ritual

  1. I’m actually so happy I read this today – this week has been NON-STOP craziness and I was worried I wouldn’t have time to do anything at all for this new moon, but I could totally do something like this tonight with no trouble at all! I’ve been getting super clear on my goals and dreams and a little manifestation magic is just what I need! ❤ Have fun on your date!! 😀


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