#100daysofritual: Week Two Round-Up

Week two of my participation in the 100 Days of Ritual Instagram Challenge is complete! It’s fascinating how documenting something everyday, especially things you might otherwise do anyway, can bring patterns to light. So far I’ve discovered the following things about my practice since starting this challenge:

  • I feel most magickal and ritualistic at my altar and in my bedroom.
  • The activities I associate with ritual include drinking and brewing tea, yoga, harvesting from my garden, working with crystals and writing. This last one is especially interesting because it’s been a long time since I kept any sort of a journal or diary, but the act of writing something down every day is having such a big impact on me all of a sudden!
  • Structure and repetition is the sure-firest way to get me thinking and feeling magickal! Which is weird, because magick is such a freedom-based and wild kind of practice, but doing a little bit each day makes me want to do it again the next day.

If you follow me on Instagram, (which you totally should because Instagram is awesome), you’ve already seen these shots, but here we go:

Geraniums by the front door offer magickal protection

Day Seven: Last weekend I planted this gorgeous geranium bush in my front patio. I’ve been wanting red geraniums since we moved in last November and I finally made it happen! Planting this little girl made me sooo happy.


Day Eight: This is actually a shot of my headboard reflected in the glass frame on a painting I have hanging in my bedroom of a man fishing with the moon. I wake up to this picture every morning and it’s such a lovely, magickal thing to see first thing in the morning.

Yoga king pigeon pose

Day Nine: Yoga! More specifically, pigeon pose which is one of my favorites. There’s something about this pose that is so simple and easy to relax into, but it doesn’t feel like a basic stretch either.


Day Ten: A blurry-ass shot of me pouring tea into my favorite mug on the full moon! Tea and the moon, my lovely best girls.

Amethyst and opalite charged by the full moon

Day Eleven: The results of my crystal-charging on the night of the full moon in Aquarius. My window sill is getting awfully cluttered the last couple full moons…

Record moon phases, magickal workings and dreams in a journal

Day Twelve: This is the journal I record in each night. I write down the moon phase and sign, the tarot card I drew that night, whatever tea I drank, any spells I cast and in the morning I write down my dreams. Sooo helpful and interesting.

Amethyst, green calcite and Lake County diamond

Day Thirteen: I’ve been spending this weekend so far relaxing with yoga, incense, candles, tea, blogging and all my favorite mini rituals. The perfect end to a full moon week!


If you aren’t doing the #100daysofritual challenge yet, I so encourage you to jump on board! It’s fun, inspiring and so interesting to see what patterns emerge.

In other news, I have a new ebook available in my shop focusing on how to use color, plant and crystal correspondences to create personal full moon rituals for each month of the year! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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