Full Moon Ritual for Reaffirming Intentions

Have you ever enacted a spell or performed a ritual and it just didn’t work? Of course you have, because magick is not just incantations and burning incense; it’s work and effort! There’s a reason we say we practice magick, right?

Since I actively started practicing again back in May, I’ve really thrown myself into rediscovering my spirituality. I’ve also thrown myself into the lovely new world that is Instagram and the many rabbit holes it can lead one down! Two of those rabbit holes I’ve tumbled into are The Lunar Apothecary and the Gaia Collective Moonbox, both of which I’m thrilled to be participating in.

Both of these programs have influenced my moon rituals and magickal practice. Each month from Gaia Collective, I receive a couple of new crystals, an essential oil to try and a tea blend, so I’ve been incorporating these into my rituals, while Lunar Apothecary provides endless inspiration for documenting and bolstering my practice.

My moon rituals are feeling more and more ritualistic each month, with a sense of familiarity beginning to build as I repeat the same motions again and again, albeit with a seasonal shift.

The August full moon is known by many names but most commonly, the Corn Moon. This of course relates to Lammas, which we discussed in depth at the new moon as the two coincided this year. Given that I’ve already done a ritual focused on abundance and the beginning of the harvest season,

 I’m not all that inclined to focus my full moon ritual on the same things.

It’s been an unusual month for me: at the new moon, I set my intention to find harmony and balance between the different aspects of my life and to make some changes for the better in my attitude. Almost immediately after the new moon, I was forced to confront some personal demons and didn’t get the chance to focus on the intentions I’d set, no matter how much I needed to. It wasn’t until just a few days ago that I finally started feeling like myself again, and wanting to readdress the issues that made me feel the need for balance and changing my attitude to begin with.

Because the full moon is a time of manifestation and coming into our power, I’m reemphasizing my intentions and backing up what I said I would do. Sometimes, reaffirmation is the closest we can come to manifestation; it’s so very important to recognize that sometimes no matter how well-meaning our intentions are, they require more than one wave of a smudge stick to accomplish. Achieving intentions requires work, and it often includes stumbling blocks, which is why I’m using this August full moon to reinforce what I need and amplify the power of what I said at the new moon.

Reaffirming Intentions Full Moon Ritual

Move through two rounds of moon salutations.

Brew a pot of dark black bergamot tea.  Pour one cup for drinking and allow the rest to continue to steep.

Sit cross-legged at the altar for meditation. (I was supposed to do the Lunar Apothecary’s Moonseed meditation at the new moon but I ended up not having time so I’ll be doing it now!)

Write out intentions you set at the new moon on a piece of paper. Write slowly and carefully, taking the time to think about why these intentions are important to you and how you will seek to make them reality.

Fill a cup with the brewed black tea. Crumple up the paper. You might hold it in one hand, a crystal in the other and meditate on your intentions a few minutes longer. When you’re ready, submerge the paper in the tea. Leave it to soak, preferably overnight in moonlight.

Bergamot amplifies the power of almost any spell or magick. Soaking your intentions in the brewed tea in the full moon light gives them added oomph!

Charge any other items by the moonlight. I’ll be charging the opalite and agate that arrived in my Gaia Collective Moonbox this month, as well as all my other crystals (I have a feeling they’ve absorbed all my bad energies the last few weeks…)

Draw one tarot card to finish the ritual.


What will you be up to this full moon?

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