#100DaysofRitual: Week One Round-Up

Welcome to the first weekly round-up of my posts for the #100DaysofRitual Instagram challenge! I’m planning to round up all of my posts each week on Sundays and talk a little bit about infusing the everyday with magick and ritual.

This week I was just getting my feet wet with the project (and I did miss one day – oops!) I focused mainly on my everyday life and the little things that felt special as I did them.

Day 1: 100 Days of Ritual

Day 1: The first day, I happened to have a little sage plant that needed to planted with the rest of my herbs. So for my first daily shared ritual, I worked in the garden a bit and blessed the new plant with charged moonwater.

#100daysofritual, tea rituals

Day 2: Tea rituals are some of the most widespread daily rituals in the world. Cultures from all over have their own versions of how tea should be prepared, served and drank. My favorite place to linger over a cup of tea is in my garden!

#100daysofritual, tarot reading

Day 3: Although I’m not great about sticking with the same rituals day after day, I do try to pull a tarot card each morning or night for the day ahead and prop it up on my altar to ponder for the next 24 hours. My tarot readings lately have been pretty harsh – lots of Tower and cards like this one, the V of Swords. Been kicking my ass but boy did I need it – a change in attitude has been in dire order.

#100daysofritual, herbalism

Day 4: I had dried the last of my parsley harvest so on this day, I spent a little time chopping and storing the now-dried herbs. There’s something so soothing and peaceful about tending to my herbs.

#100daysofritual, third eye meditation with amethyst

Day 5: I had a little extra time before work on this day so I did a yoga sequence and a brief, calming Third Eye Meditation with this little amethyst beauty. I could certainly stand to listen to my intuition more and I really enjoyed the experience! The meditation was inspired by the one shared by Marissa Moondaughter in her crystal email series.

#100daysofritual, fresh flowers

Day 6: On the final day of this week’s challenge, I shared just a simple moment, staring at the fresh flowers on my kitchen table. Some days it’s the little things!


I’m having so much fun with this challenge – it really makes you think about what you’re doing every day and reminds you to be magickal, even if just for a few moments. How do you infuse your day with magick and ritual?

Follow the challenge at #100daysofritual on Instagram – and join in!

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