5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You Are

I self-identify as a cottage witch. It took me a while of practice to determine what kind of witchcraft really spoke to me and I strongly encourage any newbie practitioners to find what styles, heritages and traditions speak to you.

I was drawn to the kitchen, I was drawn to the garden, I was drawn to the moon.

5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You AreFinally, I stumbled on the term ‘cottage witch’ (I couldn’t tell you where) and it stuck. This was it, this was my word. Is it necessary to label your magick? No, not at all. But because so many people who are drawn to magick, do not necessarily feel drawn to official religious traditions such as Dianic or Wicca, searching for just what it is you believe in can become something of a quest.

Personally, I tend to think that the types of witchcraft we are drawn to can often be affected by our personal astrology. I am a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Rising Virgo. I am stubborn, sensual, temperamental, moody, fierce about whatever I commit to but alternately easily bored, and appreciate fine things. I am steadfastly an Earth sign; although I adore water in all its forms, (ocean, river, lake, rain), I prefer to indulge in it from the shore, not from the middle of an endless sea.

As a being of this particular combination of stars, moon and celestial bodies, I’m drawn to, as stated above, the kitchen, garden and moon. Makes sense, no?

Cottage witchery is kind of the holistic combination of kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft and whatever other traditions the witch is attracted to. Personally, my practice is mostly based in creating sanctuary, whether that be in the home or garden. Having a safe and controlled space that is my own is so important to my spiritual wellbeing; having experienced the loss of my home not so very long ago, my inner Taurus learned all too well how much I crave sanctuary.

So how do you figure out just what kind of witch you are?

  1. Well the first step is just to read and learn as much as possible. Read about different witchcraft traditions, about different cultures and about different kinds of magick. Note those that speak to you or that just seem to make sense in your world.
    • For example, you might be drawn to green witchcraft and herbalism if you are an avid gardener or you might be interested in Druidism if you have Celtic roots.
  2. Look at your hobbies and the activities you are interested in to see if they might point you in the right direction.
    • Do you spend a lot of time hiking outdoors? You might be a nature witch. Do you like the idea of your Book of Shadows in the cloud, easily accessible on any device? Then technopaganism might be for you!
  3. Study your astrological natal chart to discover what the stars have to say about your practice. It’s important to take into consideration more than just your sun sign too, as your moon and rising signs, as well as the rest of the chart, often shine far more light on who you are internally.
    • As I said above, I believe my choices of practice are strongly influenced by my signs. Pisces might find that they are sea witches while Scorpios might be more drawn to sex magick.
  4. Try it out! The surest way to know if a particular type of magick or witchcraft is right for you, is to try it. Although you may not be able to practice with a formal Wiccan coven or discover the secrets of hedgeriding without some instruction, trying a few spells or rituals based on a tradition you are interested in is a great way to see if its a good fit.
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. With a few notable exceptions of more formal and strict traditions, most forms of witchcraft play fairly well with others.
    1. Cottage witchcraft is the perfect example, as it is generally a combination of practices. You might also find yourself combining kitchen witchery with the Italian strega traditions or Christian witchcraft with cultural heritage based practices.

What type of witchcraft do you identify with? As a fun way to help you figure all this out,ย take the quiz here!divider

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5 thoughts on “5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You Are

  1. Oh man, the part about astrology and your practice made me laugh! I’d never thought about it before, but I’m a TOTAL Sagittarius about my practice – I get deep and philosophical, but I flit from idea to idea so quickly! Because of that I tend to just go with “eclectic witch” to describe myself – it allows for some leeway in case I decide to abandon the Midwest for some beachside sea witchery ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I have always been a witch, aware since early childhood. I am a green witch ,gardener & herbalist. I am a healer. I also lean toward a cottage witch life. I enjoy your site, and look forward to learning more. Thank you for reaching out.


  3. I just took your quiz. I figured I was a kitchen witch because…I love being in the kitchen and the garden! Lol your quiz proved me right ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I love the path I’m on!


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