#100DaysofRitual: A Simple Garden Ritual

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make the everyday magickal. I recently joined The Lunar Apothecary (which is awesome and so worth signing up for), and Alexis talks a lot about creating nightly rituals and honoring every incremental phase of the moon – not just the new and full phases. I ALSO recently found the #100daysofritual hashtag on Instagram but more on that in a minute! So this topic has been on my mind a lot lately.

I’ve also had trauma on my mind lately; it’s been almost a year since my life was turned upside down by a wildfire and although I’ve been flourishing for the past several months, summer has been a struggle. It all came to a head on Wednesday when a fire broke out a few towns over – close enough to see the smoke. The last couple days have been rough but my mind is starting to clear again and I’m realizing I abandoned even the smallest of magickal moments while I was trapped in my own anxiety.

It’s so important to tie your magick and rituals (whatever they may be) into your routine so much so that they are an intrinsic part of you. So that you can’t imagine going to bed without doing them as much as you can’t imagine going to bed without brushing your teeth. This is something that does not come easily to me! The lazy Taurus in me has a hell of a time creating habits – except for the routines I physically can’t imagine not doing because they are so ingrained. (The Bull can be such an illogical sort.)

To help me get in the mindset and habit of a little magick everyday, I’ve decided to jump on the #100daysofritual. I’ll be posting a picture a day on Instagram and then I’m hoping to share each week’s images with more extensive explanations of the rituals here on the blog every weekend, (we’ll see how that goes.)

Garden Blessing Ritual

Today was my first day of participation and I shared the above image of my brand new sage plant and the empty jar that usually holds my moonwater. This morning I got up first thing and went downstairs to get the little sage plant I bought earlier this week in a pot. I bought the sage to replace my parsley plant which went to seed a few weeks ago. I’m so looking forward to brown butter sage sauces all through fall!

After planting the sage, I watered it with a little moonwater, chanting:

By the moon, you are blessed.

I then watered the rest of the plants in my patio with the remaining moonwater, continuing the chant. Although I probably should have done this on the new moon, at least we are still in a solid waxing phase for planting and new growth!


Jump on Instagram with me and join the #100daysofritual challenge – follow me @lupinehollow! What everyday ritual did you perform today?

Day 1: 100 Days of Ritual

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