Lammas New Moon Ritual (Part 2)

Yesterday, I talked about how Lammas is about beginnings and endings. So, in many ways, is the new moon. Due to the cyclical nature of the moon’s phases, the new moon is both a fresh-faced rebirth and a dark, calming time of rest between the moon’s constant waxing and waning periods. Although it is more traditional to talk about the full moon during harvest celebrations, as this phase is representative of life and abundance, I think the new moon is also an intriguing ambassador for Lammas. Lammas is the beginning of the harvest season and the end of the summer season. It is both a beginning and an end in the year cycle, just as the new moon is in the lunar cycle.

8-1-16Last night was my Lammas ritual, which included an offering, a spell and some time for stillness. Tonight, I’ll be focusing more specifically on the new moon.

August New Moon Ritual

Light the candles. It’s important to begin each ritual with something familiar. Ritual implies something that is done regularly, but that is still sacred. The process of lighting the candles on my altar is the best place to start for me.

Do two rounds of moon salutations. (or possibly a sequence focused on balance given the theme of this ritual, although I usually end those frustrated that I didn’t do better…) I love to get a little blood pumping and my body engaged before settling into a quiet ritual.

Listen to the Moonseed meditation from Lunar Apothecary. I’ve recently joined the Lunar Apothecary by Worts + Cunning and, honestly, it’s the best decision I’ve made since I started blogging again! It’s absolutely packed with info and worksheets, plus bonuses like guided meditations. I will probably hold a piece of citrine while I meditate.

My tarot readings the last couple months have very strongly been telling me to find balance and harmony in my life. I’m finally really choosing to listen!

Place three tealights or small votives in a dish or bowl. Remove the candles from their metal housing, if necessary. Light each one individually, naming an aspect of your life, (such as “work”, “home” or “spirituality.”)

Sprinkle an herb associated with balance and/or harmony, such as lavender or carnation petals, around the three candles. Allow them to melt together into one mass of wax. This represents the aspects of life mingling together peacefully. As they melt, repeat a mantra that relates to how you wish your aspects to interact, such as:

I will leave work at the office.
I will bring my spirituality into the everyday.
I will infuse my home with only love and happiness.

Allow the wax to harden. Break the chunk into three semi-equal pieces and place or bury in adjacent areas of your home or sacred space. (This may need to be done the following day.) This represents the sometimes co-mingled aspects of life residing alongside one another and being kept separate when healthy. The key to balance is not necessarily equal and separate compartmentalized boxes, nor is it bringing every part of your life into every part of your day. My goal is to find ways to leave behind those things I don’t need to carry with me at all times and yet embrace those things it would be healthy to always have at my side.

Finish with a cup of tea and a single tarot card reading.


What are you up to this new moon and how do you find balance in your life?

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