Lammas New Moon Ritual (Part 1)

Although Lammas and the new moon are technically a day apart this year, I thought it would still be appropriate to honor them together. I’ll be doing a two-night ritual that combines the energies of both, on August 1 (Lammas) and August 2 (New Moon).

Lammas New Moon RitualThe energy of Lammas is all about endings and beginnings, (or, beginning of an end, in some ways). It’s about the current abundance of summer but also preparation for the coming fall. Although here in California we won’t really start to experience fall weather until late September or even October, the vibes are already in the air. School is nearly back in session, fruits and veggies are ripening and many flowers are already in their waning phase for the season.

Lammas holds a special place in my heart because it was the first Sabbat I ever celebrated as a witch. Almost every year since then, I’ve made a point to make fresh homemade cornbread in honor of the occasion so I always incorporate that into my Lammas ritual!

Lammas Celebration Ritual

Light the candles. I’ll be using a mix of white votives, white and gold pillars and some amber and lavender scented candles for this ritual. Although I typically only use white candles for moon rituals, it’s nice to mix it up a little for sabbats!

Give an offering of cornbread and honey. Although I don’t worship a particular deity, I like the ritualistic nature of “breaking bread” (literally in this case) in honor of an occasion. Making and eating food is a very intimate ritual in and of itself! I’ll be drizzling a bit of honey over homemade rosemary-lavender cornbread for this ritual.

Cast an abundance and blessing spell. A few days ago I shared a charm bag spell for Lammas which I will be conducting myself! It’s filled with cheerful energy and an abundant spirit to bring (or continue bringing) good things into your life. As I fill the charm bag and complete the spell, I will repeat the mantra:

For abundance. For blessing. For harmony.

This is the first step towards my new moon ritual on August 2 which will focus on my intention to find balance and harmony in the various work, home and family lives I lead.

Sit quietly and listen to soft music. This might seem somewhat anticlimactic but there is really something to be said for intentional stillness, something I certainly need practice at!


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Tomorrow, I’ll finish up with an intention setting new moon ritual – stay tuned. How are you celebrating Lammas this year?

5 thoughts on “Lammas New Moon Ritual (Part 1)

  1. Your ritual sounds SO lovely! Lammas is admittedly a Sabbat that usually passes without much fanfare over here – it probably has something to do with it still feeling and looking very much like the middle of summer, haha! But I definitely understand why it’s special to you – Mabon was my first Sabbat so that one has a similar place in my heart πŸ™‚ (also, that cornbread sounds DIVINE.)


    1. Yeah, it’s definitely still the middle of summer here too haha! I love fall though so Lammas let’s me pretend. πŸ˜› Funny enough, Mabon is one I’ve always struggled with. I love it in theory but I’ve never quite connected with it. What do you usually do for it?


  2. As I am currently taking care of my parents ALL of my supplies are in another state. 😦 I do have a positive energy candle, we have oatmeal (lol) and I have a muslin bag with me!

    I’ll be glad when summer is over and cooler weather starts.


    1. Me too!! Last week we had a heat wave over 100 degrees- I could not be more ready for fall. That’s a good place to start for this spell/ritual – one of the wonderful things about Lammas is its all about the literal harvest so other kinds of leaves or petals from your own garden or even from the florist will work as well.


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