Abundance Spell and Blessing for Lammas

Charm bags are one of my all-time favorite types of spells. They’re small, portable, highly customizable bits of magick that can be used for just about any occasion. Today I’m sharing with you how to make a charm bag abundance spell for Lammas!

What is Lammas?

Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh) is a time for celebrating abundance. It occurs each year in the northern hemisphere on August 1st and in the southern hemisphere on February 1st. Although it is still summer, autumn is just around the corner and the most fruitful time of the year – harvest season – is just beginning. Fruits are ripening and flowers are blossoming. Everything is coming to a climax – and endings are on the horizon.

Abundance Spell for Lammas | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Lammas is the first harvest festival, a time for celebrating the abundance of summer. This is when our ancestors would begin to thank the earth and the gods for the abundant harvest that would carry and support them through the winter. Since most of us don’t rely on an abundant crop to survive the winter anymore, it can sometimes feel difficult to relate to this original meaning of the festival.

Abundance and Prosperity Spells

But this is still a perfect time to celebrate and give thanks for other forms of abundance in your life: perhaps you have an abundance of love, money, beauty, books, or tarot decks in your life! Get grounded in gratitude for all that you have during this season.

Lammas is also the perfect time to cast prosperity spells to call in what you want more of in your life. Abundance can apply to literally anything. Use this time to cast a money spell, wealth spells, love spells, and spells for prosperity of all kinds.

This time of year gives us a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the intentions that we set back at the new year or around the spring equinox. As you reflect, you may discover that you need to make a few pivots or adjustments in order to achieve everything you desired, or even that you need to release some intentions that are no longer aligned for you.

Take this time to really reflect on everything you have that you’re grateful for and everything you desire that you will be grateful for in the future – and call in all the blessings!

Abundance Spell for Lammas | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Abundance and Blessings Charm Bag

Place all ingredients in the bag, considering your current blessings and those blessings you wish to attract into your life. Tie the bag shut and shake it gently to combine the ingredients. You might also light a white, gold, orange, or yellow candle and meditate on the abundance you desire while holding the charm bag.

Carry it with you in your purse or car or tuck it somewhere safe such as a dresser drawer to work its magick!

Lammas Witch Jar Variation

A witch’s jar would be a great variation on this recipe too. Instead of placing all the ingredients in a bag, place them in a small glass or biodegradable jar. (You might want to leave out the citrine crystal if you don’t want to sacrifice it.

Once all the ingredients are mixed together, pour a generous helping of honey into the jar over them. Seal the jar and bury it in your garden (if you live in an apartment, a pot of soil will work just as well.)

For even more ideas on how to celebrate Lammas, as well as the new moon and full moon this month, check out my book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick! It’s packed with over 60 recipes to align with the sun, moon, and stars throughout the year.

In addition to making charm bags, I’ll be enjoying some cold beer and homemade lavender cornbread in honor of the sabbat. How will you be celebrating Lammas?

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