Thunder Full Moon Ritual: July 2016

As with the other full moons throughout the year, the July full moon goes by many names: Hay Moon, Rose Moon, Lightning Moon. My favorite is the Thunder Moon. Although we don’t see much thunder or lightning here in California, I’ve always felt that July is a particularly moody month. It’s one of the hottest months of the year here but, as is often the case in the dead of summer, there’s a hazy undercurrent of self-reflection and timelessness beneath the bright, blazing sunny days.

For me, July has always been a time of waiting: waiting for fall to arrive! I’m trying to embrace summer this year though and so I’m seeking out the quiet, still moments of July that are embodied in the Thunder Moon.

Thunder Full Moon Ritual, July Full MoonJuly Thunder Full Moon Ritual

Tidy my altar. The first thing I always do before a ritual is tidy my altar. Put away any unnecessary items, replace my water element with fresh water, water the plants that represent earth and, finally, light the candles.

Light the white candles on my altar. These include several tall white pillars but also some floating candles in a crystal bowl of water.

Do a few rounds of Moon Salutations. Yoga is my preferred mode of movement to infuse a little energy into a moon ritual.

Move to sit cross-legged on the stool in front of my altar. I’ll be honest, guys: my altar is on top of my dresser, and the stool is from my vanity. My practice is very use-what’s-around!

Listen to my Full Moon in Capricorn reading by Magical Soul Bitches. Nikki is seriously awesome and although I’ve already listened to my reading once, I can’t wait to listen to it again on the actual full moon. Her readings are so insightful and personal and I’m seriously considering purchasing some of her larger packages for a series of readings. I’ll probably hold a selenite crystal while I listen.

Slowly eat a spoonful of local honey while sipping on a cup of tea brewed from the July Gifts from Gaia Moon Box. 

Draw a mind ~ body ~ spirit tarot spread to finish. The last full moon spread I drew was the single most inspiring tarot spread I’ve ever done, hands down. It was all about figuring out what I want and finding what and who I love. Seriously, awesome. My favorite trick during readings, especially on the full moon, is to lay the cards out in a semi-circle and hold a selenite sphere over them until I’m drawn to the three cards I need to pull. As far as decks go, I absolutely adore Golden Thread Tarot although I am majorly in love with the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck too. How amazing would it be to do moon ritual readings with that deck??


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3 thoughts on “Thunder Full Moon Ritual: July 2016

  1. ohh wow i didn’t know it was a thunder full moon and there was thunder AND lightning right when i started my ritual. at first i thought it was a bad sign…but good to know it was meant to be! 🙂


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