24 Magickal & Mundane Uses for Moonwater

With the full moon fast approaching, it’s time to prepare for all sorts of magick and mysticism. One of my oldest and most favorite moon spells is making moonwater. Witches and spiritualists like to charge all sorts of things beneath the full moon: crystals, tarot cards, even candles. Water is the perfect vessel for charging in moonlight as water is the element associated with the moon. The phases of the moon control the ocean tides and all water, even humble tap water, has a connection to the lunar cycle.

24 Magickal & Mundane Uses for MoonwaterHow to Make Moonwater

Making moonwater is truly one of the simplest spells one can cast. Simply fill a jar, bowl or other container with water and place in the moonlight. It’s helpful to set your intention for the water as you complete this task. If you aren’t sure yet what you’ll be using the moonwater for, consider saying a prayer to your favorite moon goddess or simply pondering your own connection to the moon.

Some people would say you should retrieve the water before the sun has risen. Technically, I would agree with that but as I am not a morning person and it’s nearly impossible to rouse me before 7:00 am, I generally retrieve my charging moonwater as soon as I get out of bed. Whether or not you are okay with sunlight touching the water is really up to you.

But the big question is: once you’ve charged your moonwater, what are you supposed to do with it? Luckily, there are endless possibilities! Water is the elixir of life, as they say, so we use it in a wide variety of contexts. You can use your moonwater in any situation you would use normal water, to make the activity a little more magickal. Or, use your moonwater in more specifically magickal endeavors. Here are some ideas to get you started!

How to Use Moonwater

  1. Water the garden or indoor plants
  2. Fill a vase with it and arrange flowers in the vase
  3. Add it to bathwater for a ritual bath
  4. Drink it (hydration with a magickal boost!)
  5. Cook with it to infuse soup, pasta or other recipes with magickal intention
  6. Wash your hair with it
  7. Add it to a small tub along with epsom salt and fresh herbs to soak your feet in
  8. Float candles in it on an altar
  9. Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it to add to cold drinks. Consider dressing up your moon ice cubes with fresh flowers or herbs.
  10. Use it in projects such as homemade soap or facial toners
  11. Wash your crystals and magickal implements in it
  12. Place it in a corked jar on your altar and anoint yourself with it before rituals or spells
  13. Pour a little into a swimming pool before going for a swim
  14. Pour it into a dog or cat bowl for your pet to drink
  15. Put some into a mister or misting fan to keep cool on hot days
  16. Fill water balloons with it and have some outdoor summer fun. (This has the potential to be a great family-oriented spell to release negativity!)
  17. Wash your hands in it before rituals
  18. Wash clothes in it (or simply soak clothing in it before washing)
  19. Use it in a DIY facial steam
  20. Add it to potions focused on love, reflection or intuition
  21. Fill a dark colored bowl with it and use it for scrying
  22. Make tea or coffee with it
  23. Use it with watercolor paints to paint an abstract image or a scene. This would be wonderful to tie in with a moon ritual or meditation.
  24. Keep a small vial of it in your purse, car or a portal altar

Note: If you plan to consume your moonwater in any way or give it to an animal or even plant, please be sure to use safe, filtered water. Do not take water from the ocean, streams, rain or other sources that might be contaminated and unhealthy to consume. If you wish to make moonwater from these beautiful, natural sources, just be sure and only use it for disposable purposes, not consumption.

Do you make moonwater and if so, what do you like to use it for?divider

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9 thoughts on “24 Magickal & Mundane Uses for Moonwater

  1. I do make Moon Water, I use it for cleansing and empowering/charging items and rooms, it is my ‘Holy Water’.
    I used it last year to prep a bedroom for my birth mother, then when she left I cleansed the room and filled the room with light…light of the Full Moon.
    Full Moon water is powerful magic, nothing to be used lightly….I have a story to tell one day about the water, my mother and the bedroom.
    Powerful stuff!


  2. I only just started making moon water, as well as practicing reiki. After giving reiki to an infected wound on someone, I had immense pain in my wrists. I rinsed with cool water as normal, but the pain barely subsided. I then rinsed my hands as well as the wound with my moon water, and the pain dissipated immediately. The infected wound also stopped weeping and is now completely healed, 2 weeks later.


  3. I make and use Moon water.I use it for many things, my favorite is that I used it to bless the handfasting I did for my brother and his bride.


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