27 Uses for Mason Jars in Witchcraft

So, I’m really kind of over the mason jar craze. Or at least I thought I was. I used to work in a flower shop and the sheer number of wedding centerpieces I’ve made in mason jars is enough to make anyone batty. And yet the craze is still here, so maybe it’s time to re-embrace it.

27 Uses for Mason Jars in Witchcraft

One of my most popular posts on my old blog continues to be 5 Pagan Uses for Mason Jars. So I decided to expand that post into a full 27 Uses for Mason Jars in Witchcraft! Mason jars were once used namely for canning, but they are an extremely versatile tool that can be used in many ways by witches.

Mason Jars for Storage and Organization

  • Store dry goods for spells:
    1. Tea leaves
    2. Spices
    3. Herbs
    4. Homemade spice blends
    5. Dried flowers
    6. Baking supplies
  • Temporarily store liquids you’ve charged or blessed:
    1. Moon water
    2. Crystal water
    3. Brewed tea
    4. Spiced alcohol
    5. Honey or honeycomb
  • Turn them into candles or candle holders, (because #witcheslovecandles, amiright?)
    1. Fill a jar with an inch or two of sand and place a votive candle inside.
    2. Very carefully fill a jar two-thirds with torch fuel and place a tiki torch wick in the center for citronella candles.
    3. Hang a wick into a jar and fill with melted wax. Allow to harden and trim the wick.
    4. Fill a jar two-thirds with water and place a floating candle inside.
  • For the green witches out there, use mason jars in your gardening:
    1. Start seeds inside before transplanting them.
    2. Grow herbs in jars on a windowsill.
    3. Layer rocks, soil and succulents in a jar for a small terrarium.
    4. Arrange cut flowers from your garden in them.
  • For all my cottage witches, store homemade supplies you have charged or blessed:
    1. Homemade laundry soap
    2. Homemade dish soap
    3. Homemade shampoo
    4. Homemade bath salts

Mason Jars for Magick Spells

  • Make a portable altar out of a mason jar with a votive candle, tiny representations of the elements, a small pack of matches, incense sticks and any other items relevant to your practice.
  • Fill with protective crystals and place or suspend near a doorway.
  • Create a witch jar out of bent nails, pins, honey and protective herbs. Seal with candle wax and bury near your home for protection.
  • Fill a mason jar with dried flowers, spice pods and other potpourri elements with a specific magickal purpose such as to infuse the house with love, protection or happiness.


How do you like to use mason jars (or other containers) in your practice?

6 thoughts on “27 Uses for Mason Jars in Witchcraft

  1. Wow, this is such a great resource! I actually don’t have any mason jars at all, but this gives me so much inspiration! I’d like to start making witchy candles and bath products soon, so they’d be super useful to store herbal blends and supplies for things like that ❤


  2. We’ve outlawed plastic storage containers aka leftover keepers, Mason jars are perfect for leftovers, easy to see, reheating is a breeze.
    I also store all of my medicinal herbs in Mason jars, tinctures too.
    Every Samhain I clear the family Altar, all of the gifts and offerings go into a jar, we have many years lined up on the shelf.
    Camping trips we set up an altar then at the end of the trip all the offerings are placed in a jar (rocks, feathers, flowers, bits of nature) memories lined up on a shelf.
    We are rabid canners so we have jars aplenty.


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