Manifesting Fireworks: July New Moon Meditation

For those of you in the US, happy 4th of July! It’s already been a season of unusual moon phase coincidences: first, the Strawberry Moon fell on the summer solstice and now July’s new moon is falling on American Independence Day.

Manifesting Fireworks: July New Moon MeditationBecause of the holiday, I won’t be doing a typical moon ritual, but instead will be laying out under the stars and the fireworks tonight! I was thinking about how serendipitous it is to have fireworks on one of the darkest nights of the month, when they can shine extra bright. There’s a poetry in that, don’t you think?

I’m not the kind that can meditate just anywhere. There’s no dropping into a cross-legged pose in the park and tuning out the world for me! (I wish.) But for those of you that have the same issue, we can still practice mindfulness in public spaces:

New Moon Meditation for Manifesting Explosive Good Things

If you’re out watching the fireworks tonight, lean back on your elbows in the grass and tip your head back, assuming a sort of quasi-fish pose. Put in headphones with soft music if it helps you tune out the people around you. Close your eyes and let out a deep breath, relaxing your shoulders away from your ears. Breathe deeply for a few minutes, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Open your eyes, keeping your gaze soft. Follow the paths of the fireworks as they shoot up. Notice the colors and energies of each and consider which types you are most drawn to. Feel the crack of thunder as it reverberates through you. Relax onto your back if it is more comfortable, palms up at your sides.

Be as aware of the dark smoky sky between firecrackers as you are of the light show itself. That darkness is what allows the fireworks to shine so brilliantly, just as the new moon is what allows our intentions to blossom and grow before coming to fruition.

Bring to mind what it is you want to manifest over the next moon cycle. Imagine the fireworks as your intentions. Watch them shooting up, listen to the whistle, as they reach ever higher in the night sky. Picture each dazzling explosion as your intentions coming to pass. Focus on the brief darkness between each explosion and savor the moments of silence.

Imagine the climax of the fireworks display as the culmination of all your hopes and intentions. Close your eyes at the end and take a few minutes to breathe deeply before returning to your natural rhythms.

My Personal Intentions This Month

I’ve talked before about how when I was practicing in the past, I only ever did rituals for the full moon. The new moon didn’t seem that exciting or important to me and I didn’t take the time to understand the energies associated with it.

Now that I’ve returned to both witchcraft and blogging, however, I’m discovering the excitement of the full moon cycle. I tend to struggle with mindfulness and can be easily distracted so working with the lunar cycle is both very challenging and very calming. Where before my practice had a sort of lunar goddess focus on the culmination of the full moon each month, now I’m paying more attention to the energies of manifestation and intention setting that are present during the new moon.

At the Strawberry Moon Summer Solstice, I pulled my most insightful tarot reading yet, a past-present-future spread relating to my love life. I’ve been single for quite some time and suffered a lot of grief and loss since my last attempt at a relationship so finding ways to open myself up to the possibility of meeting someone has been difficult. My solstice reading noted in very plain terms that I come from a foundation of a lot of love, friendship and family, that I’m currently feeling lost, and that once I figure out what it is that I want, love will figure itself out. I’ve never been a flounderer so being in this strange place of just floating through my life without a goal is very strange and I related to that reverse Chariot so hard, it caught me by surprise!

For the last two weeks since the solstice, I have been trying and failing to wrap my head around what it means to figure out what I want. I kept thinking it was a career issue as I’m not currently working in the field I studied and had planned to enter, even though I do really like my job. I don’t think that’s what the cards were trying to tell me though! After all, getting your career right is not generally what leads you to love and happiness. Having a job you enjoy is important but the work day shouldn’t be the be all, end all of how you see yourself. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to figure out what I want from myself so that I have a chance of recognizing what I need in a partner when he eventually comes along.

So I’ll be manifesting a little self-awareness!


What will you manifest this new moon?

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