10 Magickal Plants to Grow Indoors

Last week I wrote a post about the garden I have in my apartment patio and you guys loved it! I’ll be honest, I was a little surprised by how many views and comments that post already has. So I’ve decided to expand the post into a series focused on feeling magickal in a small living space.

As a companion to my patio garden, I thought I’d start off with a little indoor gardening since I know a lot of you who live in apartments and cities don’t necessarily have more than a windowsill to hold your gardens. First, I’m going to give you a tour of my indoor plants and then we’ll discuss magickal houseplants you can grow too!

Indoor Garden Tour

Now, I don’t have as many indoor plants as I would like because my apartment gets very little direct sunlight. It’s nice and bright but with almost entirely East facing windows in the whole house (with the exception of one North facing), there’s not a lot of light getting into the nooks and crannies.

However, I do like to have some greenery around so I have this little trooper on the kitchen table:

Magickal Small Space Living: Indoor Gardening

I bought the spider plant to sit on the end of a tall cabinet but it very nearly shriveled up and died from the lack of sunlight. Once we finally moved it to the window, voila! It almost immediately sprouted babies.

Indoor Gardening for City Witches

The only plant in the house that doesn’t seem to mind the lack of direct sunlight is the succulent we have over the kitchen sink. I had a few tiny succulents and decided it was a great idea to plant one of them in a votive candle holder I had hung on the wall. I really didn’t expect it to survive, frankly, but I thought it would look nice for a while. Much to my surprise, despite no water drainage and no sunlight, the plant has grown about six inches in the past three months and since has sprouted a second branch. A bit of magick perhaps?

Succulent Gardening for Witches - Small Space Living

I’ll be honest, there is also an ivy plant in our kitchen but I’m not sharing a picture of it because, well because as of yesterday, it’s officially been declared beyond saving. Not sure what killed it because it was doing fine, we changed nothing, and then it slowly started dying with no hope for revival. What can I say? My green thumb only reaches so far. 

The key to indoor gardening is really just trial and error – seeing what plants work in your space and how you and your space feel about certain plants.

It also helps to, you know, water them once in a while.

Upstairs in my bedroom, I have a terrarium of succulents which you’ve seen before because it also functions as the Earth element on my altar:

Indoor gardening with succulents - feeling magickal in a small space

Blooming succulents - indoor gardening for witches

Last but not least, I have a small green houseplant next to my bed which honestly, I think is so important. Even though I felt like I had decorated my room, I had lived there for almost five months before I finally got any plants in my bedroom and as soon as I did, I had this totally unexpected sense of completion. All of a sudden, my space felt whole, as if the room had been missing that element of life.

Plus, I fell in love with this planter at Target and had to find something to thrive in it!

Magickal Small Space Living for City Witches

I also can’t overemphasize the power of cut flowers. Although it may not seem as magickal to go to your local flower shop and purchase a bouquet as it would to, a) grow them yourself or b) gather them in a softly sunlit field, having flowers in the house is proven to uplift spirits. Even if it’s just a single stem in a bud vase, flowers will make a huge difference in your mood and your magick.

So without further rambling, what plants can you grow in your apartment or small space?

10 Magickal Plants to Grow Indoors

Herbs: Basil, Mint, Thyme and Oregano should all do well in a sunny windowsill

Philodendron for happiness and love

Bamboo palm for cleansing spaces

Boston fern for protection, luck and weather spells

English ivy for healing and protectio

Orchid for love, friendship and healing

Succulents for love, abundance and moon magick

Cactus for banishing and protection

Spider plant for purification

Anthurium for love and beauty

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