Learn to Memorize Tarot (Your Way!)

So I really only recently started learning to read tarot cards. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time but it always seemed so daunting. I fell in love with the Golden Thread Tarot deck though and decided it was finally time to start!

Basic Tarot Cheatsheet for Memorizing

Reading tarot cards your way

tarot is hard whhyyyy

Even after my deck arrived in the mail, I was still feeling lost. The deck has an amazing app that lets you look up any card’s meaning and track your readings, but I was having trouble grasping how to go about learning the meanings of 78 cards, plus their reverse! So I hit Google with some gems like “tarot is hard whhyyyy”. Okay, I really searched for “how to memorize tarot” but that’s how I was feeling, let’s be honest.

That’s when I ran across this awesome post on Biddy Tarot: Turbo-Charge your Tarot Readings by Creating your Own Tarot Card Meaning Cheatsheet. I was immediately inspired by all the detailed information on how to find meanings, where to access accepted meanings, etc, and set out to make my own cheatsheet. I prettied it up a bit, typed in all the meanings from the Golden Thread Tarot app, and just started laying out the deck one card at a time and testing myself.

Learn to Read Tarot (Your Way!)And guess what?

It worked! Within a couple hours of study, I felt confident in the admittedly very brief meanings I had put on my cheatsheet.

Memorizing tarot cards on your terms

Yes, I need a lot more study and no, the two to three word meanings I’ve managed to memorize are far from the whole story on any tarot card. I also haven’t really tackled reverse meanings yet, although in many cases figuring out the reverse meaning is easier once you know the meaning of the card in its upright position. But now at least I feel like I’ve tackled the first bite of the pie: I’ve crested the first hill in an exciting but mountainous journey.

So I thought other newbies might want to skip the layout portion and jump right into the meat of a tarot cheatsheet. That’s why I’ve placed the complete printable blank cheatsheet in my shop for sale! Just download it, print it off and start filling in the meanings for any deck. Very basic, but very handy.


For those newbies out there, how are you helping yourself get started on tarot? And for those with some experience reading already, what do you think about cheatsheets as a way to get going?

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