Ice Cream Sandwiches for the Summer Solstice

So, I like to cook. I mean, I really like to cook. I like to make lavender-orange meringue pies and fancy homemade pizzas.


I hate to cook in the summertime. I’m not a big fan of the heat; the cool breezes of fall, drizzly days of winter and fresh blooms of spring are more my speed. So basically, anything but summer. Turning my stove or oven on when it’s over 90 degrees outside sounds like my personal seventh circle.

So when I was asked to bring dessert to a family gathering over the weekend, I was at a loss. How do I maintain my reputation for over-the-top recipes and still not turn on the oven?? And then it came to me: ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe - Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Ice cream sandwiches are basically the perfect solution for all my summer baking woes. And they’re pretty much the perfect summer solstice treat too! Although, yes, they would be more magickal if made from scratch and baked with intention, go on and embrace the hot laziness of summer with me and go for store-bought.

Celebrate the summer solstice with this yummy ice cream sandwich recipeMagickal ice cream sandwiches - recipes for witchesFor this particular gathering, I used chocolate crackle cookies and chocolate hazelnut gelato with whole hazelnuts. It was pretty damn delicious, if I do say so myself. If I was to go for a witchier and more intentional outcome, I might bake homemade chocolate chip cookies with lemon zest with a scoop of orange sorbet for creativity, purification and love, the perfect combination for ringing in the summer solstice!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

(serves 4)


  • 8 medium-sized soft cookies
  • Ice cream of choice
  1. Take a medium-sized scoop of ice cream from the container and squeeze onto the flat side of one cookie.
  2. Press a second cookie on top of the ice cream.
  3. Repeat with all cookies.


What is your favorite Summer Solstice recipe?

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwiches for the Summer Solstice

  1. I have a question where I live there’s no lavender and I don’t know of anyone that does. Could I use Vanilla Extract if I have that on hand? Your miringue sounds good. I always had regular miringue on the pies I bought. So this one I have too try. Could I use orange juice along with the orange zest,? This sound great, I can’t wait to try it,


    1. Hi there! Lavender and vanilla have pretty different magickal purposes and flavors. You’ll want to go with something more floral than vanilla, like rose or maybe even chamomile! Look for herbs or flowers you have access to that are fragrant and flowery. You don’t really need much liquid in the meringue but if you replace any water etc with orange juice, yeah absolutely!


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