Happy Litha: A Sun & Moon Salutations Sequence

As every witchy blogger is noting this week, tomorrow is a very auspicious day: both the June Full Moon and the Summer Solstice! The June Full Moon is often called the Strawberry Moon among other names, and heralds the change of seasons, just as the Solstice does so to have them fall on the same day is powerful indeed. In fact, the full moon has not fallen on the Summer Solstice in 70 years and won’t again for another 78!

One of the things I talk about in my New & Full Moon Ritual Workbook is that it’s a good idea to incorporate movement into rituals. Yes, a ritual can be fulfilling in any position and there is something to be said or stillness, but personally, I like to do a little yoga before I dive into a ritual of meditation and quiet.

Full Moon - Yoga Sun Salutation, Moon Salutation

I feel like I should lead with a disclaimer here, since I’m no yogi, no guru, no master. I’m solidly intermediate when it comes to yoga, so don’t take my word for much, but I can say that I’ve been doing yoga on and off for years, I’m finally dedicating significant time to doing it regularly and I’m enthusiastic! (That counts for something, right?)

If you’ve ever done yoga at all, you’ve probably heard of sun salutations. A sun salutation is a sequence of poses that usually lasts 5-10 minutes, designed to build heat, energy and get your body warmed up for the rest of your practice. Many yoga practitioners like to do two to three rounds of sun salutations before diving into an hour of balance, stretching and strength building.

However, there is also such a thing as moon salutations. Though not as old a tradition as sun salutations, moon salutations seem to be becoming more and more popular as the feminine, peaceful mirror to sun rounds. Moon salutations are designed to create calm, relax the body and focus the mind. They are full of slow, curving shapes and flowing movements. I prefer the mood that moon salutations create so I often start some of my favorite sequences with them.

Moon salutations are the feminine, peaceful mirror to sun salutations, full of slow, curving shapes and flowing movements.

Yoga Sun Salutation, Yoga Moon Salutation

Because we have such a unique Solstice day ahead, with the sun at its peak and yet sharing the sky with the moon at its peak, I thought a combination of sun and moon salutations would be the perfect kickoff to a combo esbat and sabbat ritual! My version of sun and moon salutations is listed out below in one round each, although I’d recommend doing two rounds of each set. It’s also important to note that there are many variations on these two sets of poses so feel free to experiment with what feels right for you!

Yoga for Witches: Sun and Moon Salutations

Sun & Moon Salutations for the Full Moon Summer Solstice

I’ve linked to the poses on a few of my favorite sites, namely Yoga with Adriene and Do You Yoga, but I do highly recommend purchasing the Yoga Studio App from Google Play or the iOS App Store. This isn’t a sponsored post, just a personal opinion; the Yoga Studio App is one of my absolute favorite apps, period, and far and above the best yoga app I’ve ever used. You can create custom classes, including this one!

Sun Salutation (One Round)

Moon Salutation (One Round)

From here, I’m probably going to do a meditation and some manifestation journaling, as well as probably some tarot studying, since I am an absolute noob in that arena and need all the practice I can get! What will all of you be up to this mystical Full Moon-Summer Solstice?


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