New & Full Moon Ritual Workbook

I am very excited to announce the opening of the new Witch of Lupine Hollow shop! I’m planning to stock it with workbooks and worksheets focused on customizing your practice and forging your own witchy path.

For starters, I’ve put together a New & Full Moon Ritual Workbook! It has sections on common ritual elements, such as how to use crystals in ritual, how to incorporate movement or fitness and more. The really fun part, of course, is the 26 printable workbook pages for designing your own rituals for the full and new moons in each month as well as the potential Blue and Black Moons (the second full and new moons in a single calendar month.)

New & Full Moon Ritual Workbook - Only $10.95

The workbook is only $10.95 and is available for instant download! Pop on over to the shop and pick it up.

I’m really excited about this, witchy chicks. When I was blogging about witchcraft before, I never imagined it was possible to expand my passions into a business. Having finally returned to blogging land and witchy land three years later, I’m finding that the landscape has changed in remarkable and wonderful ways. Instagram is a haven for witches and like-minded folk, practically everyone is finding ways to bring their magickal and spiritual paths into their work life with Etsy shops and online tarot readings, and there are semi-mainstream blogs coming out of the broom closet.

I think that’s all pretty exciting, don’t you?


I hope you’re all as excited for the new Lupine Hollow shop as I am. Any suggestions or requests for future workbooks and worksheets? I’m all ears!

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