Magick & Miscellany Roundup: Strawberry Moon Recipes

So, I’m not a big fan of summer. I prefer the cold and the rain and the fog. But, I adore the Strawberry Moon. It’s just on the cusp of summer (quite literally so, this year) when the days are long but it’s still not the blistering heat of mid-July. Plus, I’m absolutely stoked this year that my strawberry plants are thriving and actually producing fruit! I used to live in a much warmer climate, so being able to have fresh strawberries in my garden is absolutely novel.

Strawberries are linked to love and romance so the June full moon is a powerful one filled with lots of potential for magick. There are a few other full moons named after foods but none that are quite so easy to tap into as the Strawberry Moon. In celebration, I thought I would do a quick roundup of some delicious-sounding strawberry recipes from around the internet:

Fresh Strawberry Muffins from Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen

Strawberry Honey Butter from Sparkles to Sprinkles

Balsamic Strawberry Asparagus from Eating Richly

Strawberry Mango Salsa from Damn Delicious

Strawberry Banana Bread from The Recipe Critic


Don’t these all sound amazing? I’m starving now; hopefully this weekend I can tackle a Strawberry Moon appropriate recipe! Will any of you be making something special for the upcoming full moon/summer solstice?

2 thoughts on “Magick & Miscellany Roundup: Strawberry Moon Recipes

  1. These all look so good!! I LOVE strawberries, but unfortunately I live with a strawberry-hater so if I made these, I’d be eating them all myself… (tragic! šŸ˜‰ ) I was thinking about making something lemony this weekend to celebrate the solstice! It might not be 100% traditional, but lemon makes me think of summer šŸ™‚


    1. Ooh I love lemon too!! I used to live in a house that scorned all non-chocolate desserts lol so I feel you – any fruit filled baking ended up in the freezer because I could never finish it! And yet… not the worst problem to have.
      Lemon sounds so perfect for the solstice. Maybe something lavender and lemon?


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