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I live in a 1960s townhouse in a medium-sized city in California. Although I wouldn’t say our outdoor space is impressively large, it’s a decent size for an apartment and my roommate and I spend quite a bit of time out there, gardening, doing yoga and drinking wine. When summer started to appear on the horizon, we dedicated several weekends to getting our little patio fixed up.

Welcome to the grand unveiling of my garden!


Above is our door greeter and guardian, Gregory the Garden Gnome, always resplendent in his shiny gold cap. Say hello, Gregory. 

Our patio is bordered by tall photinia bushes which provide a lot of privacy and windbreak. Honestly, I’ve never been able to find much info about the magickal attributes of photinia but we are always grateful for how much of a barrier they provide, making the patio a private, intimate spot.

On one side of the front door is our sitting area, filled with a few plants, table and chairs and the green bench we picked up at a flea market and refurbished. We also have a purple oilcloth pennant banner and a temperature gauge, which I think adds quite a bit of cheer.

Magickal Apartment Garden Tour - Purple Oilcloth Pennant BannerMagick Apartment Patio

I have all my potted herbs out in the patio, of course. I really just keep the basics for both cooking and spellcasting on hand, so I have mint for healing and happiness, basil for sexuality, parsley for cleansing and rosemary for protection and clarity. I also have a little aloe plant for it’s amazing healing properties and a tiny red cactus because… well, because it’s adorable.

Magickal Garden Tour -

Garden Tour, Magickal Apartment Living

There’s not a lot of room for fruits and veggies in my patio but I do have some overgrown tomato plants and a little patch of strawberries which are just starting to ripen – I could not be more excited for fresh strawberries just in time for the Strawberry Moon!

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Magickal Garden Tour - St

In addition to edible plants, I have decorative plants as well, including a gorgeous fuchsia for emotional healing, (something I could stand a little help with at times.) I’m also stocked up with a coleus named Theodore and lots of succulents planted in unconventional containers, like a silver serving dish from the thrift store. A few little friends also hide out in our garden, such as the terracotta turtle pictured below, a solar-powered light-up butterfly and our little lavender watering can.

Magickal Garden Tour - Fucshia plants

2016-06-11 05.47.03 1.jpg

2016-06-11 05.44.54 1.jpg

2016-06-11 05.43.37 1.jpg

dividerI’m a pretty big fan of my cute little patio! It’s small but it’s cozy and filled with plants and things that are meaningful. I’m already spending more time outside than I ever did when I lived in a larger house with a full-size yard and loving everything about having my own patch of garden to craft however I please.

On a side note, I’m considering making “Magickal Apartment Living” or maybe “Magickal Small Space Living” into an ongoing blog series; is that something all you lovely, magickal readers would be interested in?

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