Technopagan: 5 Apps for Witches & Pagans

The term “technopagan” solely makes me think of Jenny from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the infamous floppy disk that (er, spoilers?) saves Angel’s soul at the last possible moment. However, the term is perhaps ever more applicable, even more so than it was in 1999. Although I try to unplug somewhat for rituals and spells, I find myself with my laptop or my smartphone on hand for one reason or another.

Technopagan: 5 Apps for Witches & Pagans | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Here are a few of my favorite witchy, pagan and spiritual apps, in no particular order:

Yoga Studio App. I have been searching for the perfect yoga app for longer than I can remember and with this one, I’ve finally found it! It’s only a $1.99 in the Google Play store and you can utilize premade classes based on duration, ability level or focus or create your own custom classes. Creating classes is a breeze and it gives you “linking poses” so you can make sure your sequences flow properly. Well worth the two bucks…

Phases of the Moon. Although I generally try to purchase calendars that have the moon phases on them, it’s nice to have something more specific to your timezone. This app is very simple to use and lets you scroll through the phases in realtime or skip ahead to new moons and full moons only. For the record, I also really like Luna Solaria for it’s beautiful design but it’s a little bit limited in the free version which is frustrating.

Golden Thread Tarot. This is probably the most beautiful app I have! It’s incredibly well designed, very functional and somehow stunningly beautiful at the same time. You can log your readings and how you feel about them so you can track your own interpretations as well as the cards you drew. So cool! I just purchased my physical Golden Thread deck and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Instagram. Okay, this one isn’t exactly pagan in nature but if you search through certain hashtags such as #witchesofinstagram, you’ll find a massive community of witches and pagans sharing their gorgeous images. This is a great way to connect with other like-minded people or just see some pretty stuff!

Sky Map. I think Phases of the Moon is probably more functional in some ways but Sky Map is downright cool. You just hold your phone up and it shows you exactly which planets and constellations you’re looking at. It also shows you where the moon and sun are, even after they’ve set. Beautiful and useful.

I know it can be really overwhelming wading through all of the information out there about witchcraft. It seems like there’s a new witchy or “spiritual” app in the Google Play marketplace every week!

How are you even supposed to know what’s legit outside of this list, let alone what’s right for you?!

That’s why I’ve streamlined many of the systems that we use in witchcraft, (astrology, the seasons and seasonal sabbat celebrations, and the moon phasaes), into one integrative method that’s focused on how all of these tools and ideas actually impact you personally.

This is the method that I share in The Starlight Coven, my monthly program to empower you to feel more confident and in love with yourself through the cycles of the seasons and the stars.

Instead of diving down the Apple Store or Google Play rabbithole and trying to figure everything out for yourself, come join me in the Coven and learn how you can use these tools in a way that actually resonates with you on a soul level and create practices that truly light you up!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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