Magick & Miscellany Roundup: Spotlight on New Moon Rituals

When I was a practicing witch in the past, I was big into esbats but really only the full moon. I didn’t see much value in the new moon or the rest of the cycle. But now that I’m a few years older and in a very different place in my life, (as well as living a somewhat different pace of life), I’m finding that the entire moon cycle is far more appealing than it once was. So although I’ve done dozens of full moon rituals, today is the first time I’ve ever done a new moon ritual!


Because I had never done a new moon ritual before, I spent the morning browsing Pinterest, Instagram and Google looking for ideas and inspiration. Here are a few of the most inspiring articles and rituals I discovered:

Magic & Miscellany: New Moon Rituals from Around the Web

Gala Darling: New Moon Magic June 2016

The ever-eloquent Gala offers some insight into this Gemini new moon from The AstroTwins and encourages us all to make some choices this esbat. Embrace who we are and go with our guts! Make sure to share your new moon rituals with Gala using her awesome hashtag, #radicalselflovecoven.

Wabi-Sabi Well: New Moon Vibes, Ritual and Guided Meditation

This post includes some seriously useful stuff along with gorgeous graphics and insights. I’m going to be using the free guided meditation for my own new moon ritual this evening – looks divine!

The Hoodwitch: New Moon Rituals

Astrology expert Molly Hall serves up a ton of brilliant ideas for creating a personalized new moon ritual, which I think is oh-so-important.

Moonrise Tribe: New Moon in Gemini

This morning, the ‘lunar babes’ at Moonrise Tribe shared some pretty profound advice for letting go and making the most of the new moon this month. Majorly resonated with me!

One of the key components of pretty much all of the new moon rituals I really liked is a ‘wish list’ of sorts, or some kind of journaling aspect. I’ve never been great at free write journaling but I’m going to give it a fresh shot. This Gemini new moon is supposed to be about allowing big changes and letting go of the past, which I could seriously stand to do, so I’m embracing new things, guys. 😉

Without further poetical waxing (or waning – moon puns FTW), here’s what I’m planning to do for my first new moon celebration:

New Moon in Gemini Ritual

Light a white candle in the garden. Probably white candle and a citronella candle to keep away the buggies.

Do a few rounds of Moon Salutations to center, focus and relax. I’m planning to share my Moon Salutation yoga sequence for the full moon – stay tuned!

Move to sit cross-legged on the bench in the garden.

Guided Meditation from Wabi-Sabi Well, with Selenite Sphere: The meditation is about 15 minutes long. Since I’ll be out in my garden, I’m going to plug into my earbuds so I don’t hear my neighbors coming and going and they don’t hear my ritual soundtrack!

Tune to my Yoga Pandora station when the meditation is finished.

Sip a glass of white wine while doing some free write journaling focused on what I want to accomplish in the next moon cycle and probably what I need to let go of in order to make those things happen.

Draw a tarot card to finish: I’ve downloaded the Golden Thread Tarot app as I’ve yet to find a deck I really connect with in any stores. Looks like the app has some major perks though so I’m excited to get started with that!

This is a lot for one ritual but seeing as I’m experimenting to find what’s going to work for me and what’s going to make me feel connected to the new moon, I think it’s good to have a little sampling of several different elements. Next month I’ll probably narrow it down to something more contained!

dividerWhat have each of you been up to today to celebrate this lovely June new moon?


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