56 Ways to Be Pagan Everyday

One of the biggest challenges many pagans face on a regular basis is how to bring their religion or spirituality into daily life. It can be all too easy to let your pagan and witchcraft practices fall by the wayside in the hustle of work, life, and, let’s be honest, sleep. After all, most large-scale religions have weekly times to meet for prayer and communion, but most covens are only able to meet for the full moon once a month. And even then, the vast majority of modern pagans are solitary practitioners and might never get a chance to worship or practice with others, let alone regularly.

It can be all too easy to let your pagan and witchcraft practices fall by the wayside in the hustle of work, life, and let’s be honest, sleep.

56 Ways to be Pagan Everyday | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

This post is an update on one of the most popular posts from The Witch of Howling Creek; I’m going to be refreshing a few of the oldie-but-goodies while I get my feet wet with this new blog.

With the issue in mind of bringing paganism and witchcraft into daily life, this is a list of fifty-six ways to be pagan everyday, including six brand new ideas! Some are pretty average, mundane tasks but that’s just the point: being pagan is about letting your beliefs infuse every thing you do. The simplest activity can be the most profound prayer.

The simplest activity can be the most profound prayer.

  1. Pick wildflowers.
  2. Press wildflowers between sheets of wax paper in a heavy book.
  3. Go for a walk in nature.
  4. Stop to smell the roses. Literally.
  5. Light a candle.
  6. Light lots of candles.
  7. Make household products naturally.
  8. Moonbathe.
  9. Sunbathe.
  10. Grow your own herbs.
  11. Dry your homegrown herbs and save them for the winter months.
  12. Sweep the floor (with a broom or a besom!)
  13. Take a hot, soothing bath.
  14. Sip a cup of herbal tea.
  15. Sip a glass of really good red wine.
  16. Mix a cocktail with intention and magickal ingredients; then enjoy!
  17. Make sachets of potpourri for various places throughout the house. Use magickal ingredients to turn them into charm bags.
  18. Water the garden by hand.
  19. Take a few minutes to show your cat or dog (or fish) some love.
  20. Keep a small bag of dried lavender or another fragrant herb in a drawer or cabinet and whenever you’re feeling stressed, just pop the bag open for a deep breath of calming aromatherapy.
  21. Take up a hobby such as beading or knitting. Not only does it give you a way to unwind from the stresses of daily life but you’ll always have a beautiful result!
  22. Recycle.
  23. Volunteer to pick up trash or clean up a park.
  24. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter, senior center or school.
  25. Donate to a charity, big or small.
  26. Make homemade foods such as jams or baked goods and give as gifts to family members or neighbors.
  27. Keep a daily journal.
  28. Keep journals for magickal and mundane tasks including spells, gardening and cooking. (This is sort of like a cottage witch spin on a Book of Shadows!)
  29. Read lots and lots of witchy/pagan books.
  30. Read just as many fictional books and let your mind escape.
  31. Put on lipstick, your favorite shoes, your most sparkly bracelet or whatever little thing it is that makes you feel fabulous, even if you’re just spending the day cleaning.
  32. Be proud of your body; splurge a bit on a bra fitting, a personal shopper for the day or some other luxury to help you find your right body image and the style pieces that will make you feel amazing every day. Being pagan is about embracing every part of you and you should always feel awesome in your own skin. (This goes for guys too!)
  33. Unplug (that includes smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, desktops and all the other little gadgets we lug around on a daily basis.)
  34. Go to the beach.
  35. Go to the forest.
  36. Go to the desert.
  37. Go to the mountains.
  38. Go somewhere you’ve never been before.
  39. On the flip side, curl up in bed all day and just relax.
  40. Go camping in your own backyard (pitch a tent and everything.)
  41. Dance.
  42. Sing.
  43. Plant a vegetable garden, even if it’s only one pot of tomatoes.
  44. Help out in a community garden.
  45. Pull weeds.
  46. Adopt an animal from the shelter.
  47. Write a message (or prosperity spell) in a bottle and send it off to sea.
  48. Take a yoga, dance or other exercise class.
  49. Put together a yoga sequence of all your favorite poses (and a few you don’t love so much; the poses we dread are the poses we need!)
  50. Take a drawing, painting or other art class and learn a new skill to express yourself.
  51. Be frugal; go bargain hunting with a friend.
  52. DIY a flea market find into a fabulous treasure with a little soap, paint or fabric.
  53. Mix your own perfume.
  54. Make a home-cooked meal.
  55. Sleep under the stars.
  56. Just be you.

Thinking about the fact that many modern witches are solitary practitioners has me thinking about community, too. If you are a solitary, what have you done or what would you like to do to find a community? Is your pagan community on social media, on blogs or elsewhere online? Do you go to in-person meet-ups? What kinds of socializing do you think the pagan community could stand to embrace?

4 thoughts on “56 Ways to Be Pagan Everyday

  1. After moving to a new town and being very solitary for several years, I’ve recently connected with some delightful local pagan folk through witchvox.com and meetup.com. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a whole community of pagans right here in the middle of the bible belt. I’ve made one amazing new friend. We share many interests, pal around and have rituals together. I’ve connected with people who have helped me with my crafting business, too. Just the other day, I attended a drum circle at a city park (not exclusively pagan, but loads of fun) where everyone was kind and welcoming. I will be going to more of the pagan group’s events. I find it incredibly enriching to meet new people and share points of view. It’s probably helpful that I’m naturally outgoing and not afraid to disagree amicably with others. I understand that the idea of going solo to an event full of strangers can be intimidating, but it is so worth the risk to come out of isolation and feel accepted. Just make sure to meet new people in public places that are safe and comfortable to you.


    1. That’s great Julie! Having a sense of community can make any practice easier to commit to and relate to. I think one of the things that makes it hard for many pagans and witches to find that community is the eclecticism of their practice – if they don’t practice a particular branch of Wicca or another identifiable system, it can be more difficult to articulate beliefs. Just one of the many challenges but I think it’s not insurmountable either! Thank you so much for sharing your experience – I love hearing people’s perspectives!


    2. Thank you for mentioning safety and comfort! When I was in college I met a wonderful circle through meet up. It was in a public place, I brought a friend and though it wasn’t a long term gathering it reassured me that some great people are out there. On the flip side I have been to gatherings with people that made me feel VERY uncomfortable, and I was quick to distance myself from the drama that ensued. Exchanging ideas and perspectives is great especially when done in a open minded respectful manner. I know I’m a year late to this article, but I just wanted to share~


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