Wishes & Dreams for Summer

Seeing as this blog is brand new and full of potential, I thought I would start off with a seasonal wish list; what is it that I hope to gain from starting to blog again and from reclaiming my witchy path?

On a mental, emotional and metaphysical level…

Build new relationships with like-minded folks.

Gain some clarity on my future; for the first time in a long time, I don’t have a clear vision of where I’m heading in the next couple of years (whether or not those clear visions ever came true in the past.)

Learn to let some things go… there’s a big one.

On a more tangible level…

Stockpile some new witchy books! I already ordered Skye Alexander’s Modern Witchcraft series to sate my need for pretty and useful; can’t wait for them to arrive.

Some kind of bowl or other container to put the floating candles I already bought in… hopefully this one comes along soon so I can finish my new altar. Just need that water element!

Possibly a tarot deck or some other divination tool, although I’m not certain if I can commit to the time it takes to learn and get familiar.

More candles! (Always, right?)

What are you wishing for this summer?

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