Mini Imbolc Altar

Mini Imbolc Altar - The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Instructions and inspiration for setting up your own miniature Imbolc altar – includes a preview of The Modern Witch’s Guide to Imbolc online course.

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How to Build a Custom Altar

Pretty much every beginner book on paganism and witchcraft talks somewhere in the first couple of chapters about building an altar. Everyone tells us that an altar should be aligned with the four directions, should have the elements represented and should be a place of sacred space. All of which are true! For some people. […]

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Wishes & Dreams for Summer

Seeing as this blog is brand new and full of potential, I thought I would start off with a seasonal wish list; what is it that I hope to gain from starting to blog again and from reclaiming my witchy path? On a mental, emotional and metaphysical level… Build new relationships with like-minded folks. Gain […]

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