You're an Art Witch!

You are a witch who is focused on creative expression. Expressing yourself is an important part of your spiritual practice, whether you do so through painting, crafting, writing, sewing, singing or performing. Creating beauty around you helps you to feel more connected to the divine, your higher self and your spiritual beliefs. 


Decorating a beautiful grimoire and setting up altars to your particular aesthetic are going to be deeply fulfilling experiences for you. One of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a witch is finding ways to express your creativity without judgment. 


It’s all too easy to judge the things you have created and the sacred spaces you’ve set up and to feel like they aren’t perfect or beautiful enough. The key is to be gentle with yourself and to always look for beauty first – imperfection being part of that beauty.

Getting Started Guide for Art Witches

Daily Practice – Something You Can Do Everyday

Every day you need to be engaged in at least one of your creative outlets, whatever that may be for you. Play music, sketch, dance, and work small creative breaks into your day-to-day.

Mini Ritual – Something to Try This Week

Let your creativity flow this week by getting playful in a coloring book. Channel your intuition and let it be a meditative experience. (Some of my favorite coloring books are by Johanna Basford.)

Connect with Other Witches

Join the Starlight Coven and meet other modern witches like you. You’ll be connected with the empowering members of our Coven–the seasonal sacred circle for modern witches who want to practice consistently + confidently with the sun moon + stars!

Share Your Results


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