The Lunar Mysteries Collective

for visionary witches + healers

Get aligned with your soul purpose so you can have the impact you desire and the income you deserve!

From systems to energetics, Tenae is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to setting up and running a bumping spiritual business. Her approach is empowering and kind, as she not only teaches the mundane aspects, but also encourages you to know your worth, heal your relationship with pricing, and create a business model that is sustainable and fulfilling for you personally. I cannot recommend Tenae’s guidance enough!

Mandi Em

author of Witchcraft Therapy

Dear Visionary Healer...

Your magick and medicine are fiercely needed in the world!


When you burn out and no longer have the capacity to nurture yourself, the world misses out on your transformational gifts as well. 


Let me guess…


I have SO been there!

I’ve spent years building a successful and impactful business and I totally get it – it has taken time, dedication, and lots of trial and error to get where I am. 

Hi, I’m Tenae, the Witch of Lupine Hollow! I’m a professional witch, a certified astrologer, and a published author. I help modern witches use magick, astrology, the seasons, and the moon phases to live the nourishing, magickal lives they desire and deserve.


And I’ve created a six-figure business that has allowed me to be a full-time professional witch, doing what I love everyday.

Through many conversations with fellow spiritual and witchy business owners, I’ve realized that I have a lot to share in this area. Those of us out here sharing our gifts with the world need a space where we can connect with truly like-minded individuals, learn business strategies that work for our own energy, AND nourish our minds, bodies, and intuition so we can give to our clients from a space of overflow.

That’s why I’ve created the Lunar Mysteries Collective, a unique mastermind container for business growth, spiritual self-care, and meaningful collaboration.

What if you could...

Taking care of yourself is also about setting a radical boundary against burnout and capitalist productivity at all costs. 


This is about choosing the path of sustainability and devotion, so that you can thrive! 


And, in turn, so you can share your intuitive, empathic, or mystical gifts from a place of overflowing love, self-love, empowerment, and abundance. 

It’s not always easy to find business coaching with someone who understands the spiritual niche. Getting coached by Tenae was especially effective because, not only is she a witch, she is also a successful one. She shares practical and magickal lessons, and is walking proof that success is possible.

Aunt Carla

Owner of Red Soulflower

If you're ready to make lifelong friends, priceless connections, and expand your capacity to receive wealth and abundance...
then the Lunar Mysteries Collective is for you.

What You'll Get Support With:

This experience is highly customizable and Tenae and the group are here to support you with whatever you are working on in your business. You will particularly receive support around the following topics: 

Your Ideal Offers – figure out what you want to sell, how much to price it for, and how you want to deliver and serve your clients. There are many different types of offers out there, from physical products to memberships to coaching and more. Discover which offers are right for your unique energy, gifts, and schedule.

Your Ideal Marketing – figure out HOW you want to sell your offers and how you will deliver free value to your future customers and community in a way that feels sustainable, fun, and aligned.

What's Included:

The Collective is going to transform your business.

You’re going to go from isolated, overwhelmed, and trying to give from an empty cup to showing up and serving your clients and yourself in ways that feel magickal, authentic, and that light you up.

So don’t wait – click the button below now and apply to join!

Six Month Container

Get started for as low as

$149 per week!

Or, pay in full and get two weeks free!

Program starts immediately; commitment is for six months from date of first payment with option to continue after. 

Payment Options

  • Pay In Full: $5,225.00 (two weeks free!)
  • Monthly Payment Plan: $950 per month for six months
  • Weekly Payment Plan: $220 per week for 26 weeks
  • Extended Monthly Payment Plan: $635 per month for nine months
  • Extended Weekly Payment Plan: $149 per week for 39 weeks

Twelve Month Container

Get started for as low as

$149 per week!

Or, pay in full and get one month free!


PLUS, when you purchase any payment option for the twelve month container, you also receive a FREE 1:1 call with Tenae.

Program starts immediately; commitment is for twelve months from date of first payment.

Payment Options


  • Pay In Full: $10,450.00 (one month free!)
  • Monthly Payment Plan: $950 per month for 12 months
  • Weekly Payment Plan: $220 per week for 52 weeks
  • Extended Monthly Payment Plan: $635 per month for 18 months
  • Extended Weekly Payment Plan: $149 per week for 78 weeks

Our paid programs are available to all women+ (including cisgender, het, bi, ace, queer, lesbian and trans women), non-binary individuals, and bi, queer, ace, and gay men. Please note that we do not currently have spaces designed for cisgender heterosexual men as we are centering the experience of others at this time.

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