The Ultimate List of Kitchen Witch & Herbal Resources

Of those who identify as witches, the derivative path of the kitchen witch seems to be one of the most common, perhaps only second to green witches. Certainly, there are many areas in which these paths overlap each other and other paths entirely, but most of us seem to be drawn to the kitchen, the garden or both. Perhaps it is that these are traditional domains of women and we seek to reclaim them from their stereotypically sexist use. Or perhaps our fanciful idea of ‘magic’ feels most closely related to the actions we take in the kitchen and garden.

The Ultimate List of Kitchen Witch & Herbal Resources | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Whatever the draw, kitchen witches abound! Which is why I’m sharing this list of web and print resources for those working with cooking, tea, food and herbalist practices in their magick.

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Web Resources

Print Resources

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