25 More Ways to Live a Magickal Life Every Day

A few months ago, I did a reader survey that yielded some interesting results. One of the things you guys told me was that you wanted to see more posts on how to live a magickal life. In other words, how to incorporate magick into your day to day.

Last month, I shared my 30 Ways to Live a More Magickal Life Every Day post, which has quickly skyrocketed to become my most popular post ever. So in the interest of giving my readers what you want, I’m going to be sharing a series of posts every few weeks, adding to the list!

25 MORE Ways to Live a Magickal Life Every Day | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Here we are with 25 More Ways to Live a Magickal Life Every Day:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, start the day with five minutes of yoga or meditation before you even get out of bed.
  2. Tuck a sprig of lavender under your pillow before bed to promote peaceful sleep.
  3. Write down your dreams each morning and compare what you dream about at different times of your menstrual cycle or when the moon is in a different phase or sign.
  4. Watch a meteor shower with someone you care about.
  5. Look up at the night sky on an average evening and watch the constellations move above you.
  6. Drink turmeric tea or milk (also known as golden milk) to start your day off healthy.
  7. Keep one white and one black candle on your altar that you only light on the full and new moons, respectively.
  8. Keep a roller ball of peppermint handy for when you need a little pick-me-up.
  9. Paint your front door purple to promote spirituality in your home. If this isn’t possible, try hanging a purple wreath on the door or gate.
  10. Water the plants in your garden counterclockwise (or widdershins) to banish negativity from the space.
  11. Put on a temporary tattoo that represents a situation or a spell that you want to keep close to you.
  12. Paint your nails a color associated with the intention of your spell or ritual before you begin so that your hands become your wand.
  13. Plant red geraniums by your front door as this is a traditional sign of witches.
  14. Bless more than just water and crystals on the night of the full moon – set out your essential oils, nail polish or a special bottle of champagne too!
  15. Dry the first herbs or vegetables you harvest from your garden and incorporate them into a charm bag to ensure continued abundance.
  16. Wash your windows with moonwater for extra clarity.
  17. Stir sugar into your tea or coffee with intention, willing sweetness into your day and life.
  18. Draw sigils or write a brief protective spell on the inside of your dog or cat’s collar.
  19. Add chips of a relevant crystal to your next essential oil roller ball to boost it’s magickal power.
  20. Soak in a milk bath (or just soak your fingers in a bowl of warm milk) on the full moon to embrace the feminine energy. Plus you’ll come away with silky, soft skin!
  21. When someone special gives you flowers, dry them and incorporate into a charm bag for continued love and romance.
  22. Bless lightbulbs on the full moon to provide your home with the ability to clearly see the truth.
  23. Add edible flowers to a salad – especially those magickally associated with health and healing.
  24. Keep a small collection of essential oils, teas or other materials at your desk or in your car so you are prepared for anything.
  25. Hang up palmistry and astrology charts in your home for easy reference and pretty, witchy decor!