The Ultimate List of Witchy Resources

I’ve been asked by quite a few people how I’ve learned what I just seem to ‘know’ about magick and witchcraft. And that’s a fair question! We aren’t always so great about sharing our sources on the internet, as opposed to in a more academic setting, so I thought I would do a massive roundup of all my favorite witchy resources for you.

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The Ultimate List of Witchy Resources | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Though this is by no means a comprehensive list, these are all books I use and refer to regularly (when I’m not loaning them out because everyone needs a little magick!) Some of these are current favorites, while some are old standbys that got me through my first years studying witchcraft (you can probably tell which are which by the publish dates).

Personally, I’m not a fan of spellbooks so there are very few on here and the ones that are here, I only use as reference. I really encourage you to write your own spells and rituals but it’s always good to have a few sources to refer to!

Books About Herbs (and Magickal Correspondences)

Books About Magick

Books About Astrology

Smartphone Apps

  • Phases of the Moon, by M2Catalyst LLC
  • Yoga Studio, by Gaiam
  • Moon Phases and Zodiac Aspects, by Astromatrix
  • Golden Thread Tarot, by Labyrinthos Academy

Websites for Research

Websites for Products & Services

Reader Suggestions



Another great resource is the Lavender + Lupine School of Magick. Click here to sign up for the Practical Magick for Modern Witches online course!